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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ancient, beautiful and mysterious, Himalayan salt is one of the most valued elements on Earth and hails from the valleys and rivers which lie deep within the Himalayan Mountain Range. It has been coveted for centuries due to its beauty, rich mineral content and versatility.Himalayan salt is incredibly rare in appearance, texture, history and usage. This amazing salt carries a vast array of benefits when used in the bath and with food. It softens the skin, soothes aches and pains and contains up to 84 minerals that balance and support a healthy detoxification response in the body. Himalayan salt is the one of the purest, most natural salts in the world. This pinkish salt is mined from ancient sea beds inside the Himalayan mountains. It is completely unrefined and comes to you in its raw, natural form. This salt was formed over 200 million years ago in the primeval sea where the first signs of life formed in the mineral rich water. Due to its location and how it was formed; it is extremely pure and free of contaminants or pollutants. It gains its pink color from the high content of iron. It also contains trace amounts of 84 minerals and elements including potassium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc and sodium.Since many of these elements naturally occur within our bodies and the environment, they are easily absorbed and utilized on a cellular level. This is why Himalayan salt is popular both as a food and as a bath salt. As salt goes, it is incredibly healthy and carries a variety of benefits.Recent research suggests that natural unrefined salt, like our Himalayan salt, could be better than anything else (including calcium) for bone health. Bones are made of at least a dozen minerals which must be in perfect proportions to have healthy bones and a nourished body.Some of the possible traditional uses of Himalayan Salt may include:May support bone healthMay support a healthy moodMay aid the regulation of water content throughout the bodyMay support the body's ability to carry nutrients to cellsMay support a healthy pH balance in cells, particularly brain cellsMay support vascular healthMay support healthy blood sugar levelsMay support healthy sleep patternsMay allow fluids to pass in & out of cellsMay aid the generation of hydroelectric energyMay support the healthy absorption of food particles through the intestinal tractPossibly supports respiratory healthMay support various metabolic reactions in the bodyPossibly helps to prevent muscle crampsMay support healthy sinusesMay help nerve cells to transfer informationEssential for supporting healthy blood pressure levels when combined with water


INGREDIENTS: Himalayan Salt.


DIRECTION OF USE: Add a dash to any recipe in place of table salt. Used externally, it works great as a bath salt or mild exfoliant for the skin.